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Selective Mutism

Children who have selective mutism show difficulty speaking in select settings (often preschool or school) yet speak comfortably in other settings (at home with family). Selective mutism is an anxiety-based condition, one which unfortunately is often missed or misunderstood.

I have a specific interest in helping children with selective mutism overcome their fear of speaking. I was fortunate to obtain specialized training in assessment and treatment of selective mutism while working with two leading selective mutism experts: Dr. Angela McHolm and Dr. Charles Cunningham. I learned a great deal from Drs. McHolm and Cunningham while on staff with the Selective Mutism Service at McMaster Children’s Hospital. Given the limited information available to parents and professionals on the effective treatment of selective mutism, Dr. McHolm, Dr. Cunningham, and I wrote a book on selective mutism:

McHolm, A., Cunningham, C., & Vanier, M. (2005). Helping your child with selective mutism: Practical steps to overcome a fear of speaking. California, USA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Our book is available directly from New Harbinger Publications,
or through online bookstores such as:


“Helping your child with selective mutism: Practical steps to overcome a fear of speaking” is available in 5 languages,

English:  ISBN 1-57224-416-0
French:  ISBN 978-2-85008-851-3
Mandarin Chinese:  ISBN 978-957-451-315-4
Japanese:  ISBN 978-4-86089-012-4
Korean:  ISBN 978-89-5832-578-9

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